About Company

Sunny Food is a leading producer of the breakfast cereals and healthy food stuffs. We endeavor to be leaders in the innovations, development and output of products which represent an easy and delicious way to the health, beauty and harmony.


The Company's policy is based on the uncompromising control of product quality at all stages of the production and sales activities. To achieve this objective we perform thorough testing of the raw materials base, monitor the sanitary state of production and storage facilities, select the responsible and competent personnel. And an annual independent audit of quality and safety assurance procedures under the IFC' international standard in the European Center for Management of Food Quality and Hygiene ensures our absolute confidence in the rightness of our policy.


Sunny Food actively co-operates with the leading Ukrainian and international trade chains, including METRO Cash & Carry, Auchan, Silpo, Furshet, ATB Market, and Velyka Kyshenya. All together products of our Plant (Fruktalia TM, Dr.Benner TM, Zolotyi Kranch TM, Aktsiya TM, Legka Kasha TM, and Fantastika TM) are represented in 135,000 trade outlets, and the geography of sales covers all territory of Ukraine and the CIS countries.


In course of time our work with the trade chains grew in more close collaboration. Sunny Food has won a tender conducted by the trade chain METRO Cash & Carry on the production of muesli under their АRO and Fine Food trademarks. Soon after that the Union of Kharkiv Supermarkets and then Fozzi Group and ATB Market, when conducting similar tenders, gave a preference to our company, and this fact has confirmed the high level of production and quality of our products once again. It should be noted that, apart from domestic producers, well-known western companies which were serious competitors participated in the tenders. However, despite of that, just our products were assessed at their true worth.


As of today our company holds the leading positions in Ukraine's market of muesli and krunchy. Two new production lines were commissioned this year:
     - for manufacturing of cereal flakes (buckwheat, oats, mixture of cereals)
- for manufacturing of extrusion-type shaped products (corn-flakes, pillows, shaped products, snack group)
We are interested in expansion of the geography of sales. We offer to that end:
With this objective in view we offer:

  • consistently high product quality
  • competitive prices
  • loyal terms of cooperation

We are always ready for the dialogue and will consider any offers!