About Company

Sunny Food is the leading producer of cereals and healthy food products in Ukraine. We strive to be leaders in innovation, development and production of products, which has to be an easy and tasty way to health, beauty and harmony. The company’s policy is based on uncompromising quality control of products at all stages of production and marketing. To fulfil this task, we carefully check the raw material base, monitor the sanitary condition of production and storage facilities, select responsible and competent personnel. The annual independent audit of quality and safety control under the international standard IFC at the European Center for Quality Management and Food Hygiene ensures us a full confience in the correctness of our policies.


Sunny Food actively cooperates with leading Ukrainian and international trade networks, including: «Ashan», «Silpo», «Furshet», «ATB Market», «Velika Kishenya», «Billa«, »Novus«, «Tavria», »Alliance Market«. The plant’s products are represented in more than 15,000 trade points by its own brands: TM «Dr.Benner», TM «Golden Kranch», TM «Light Porrige», TM «Magic», TM «Happy Zoo», TM «Fiction», TM «Lobsters to beer!».


Over time, the cooperation with the trade networks has evolved into a more close cooperation. Since 2003 «Sunny Food» has been actively developing the direction of Private Label and at present the production of the plant is sold under such trademarks as «Thebabyfarm», China (muesli, granola, nuts), «Crane», China (granola), «Fresh Box», Belarus (muesli), «Hercules», Ukraine (muesli, flkes), TM «Ecoland», « Ukraine (muesli), TM «Aliska», Ukraine (porridges, cereals), TM «Premium», Ukraine (cereals, muesli), TM «Full cup», Ukraine (muesli), TM «Our product» Ukraine (muesli), TM «Extra», Ukraine (muesli), TM «Narodnaya», Ukraine (muesli), TM «Furshet», Ukraine (muesli, crunches, cereals, oat flkes), TM «Subbota», Ukraine (muesli), TM «Nora», Romania, Moldavia (muesli) and others.


Sunny Food company is interested in cooperation and is ready to offer its partners:

  • stable high quality products;
  • loyal conditions of cooperation;
  • competitive prices.

We are always ready for the dialogue and will consider any offers!